• My Greasy Hair Solution

    Cortney September 18, 2020

    Oily hair is a common issue people message me about. While trying to train your hair and go days without washing, greasy roots can make you cringe and feel less confident about yourself! Today I’m dishing all about my greasy hair solution and how you…

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  • Fall Outfit Ideas for Every Cozy Occasion

    Cortney September 17, 2020

    I’m falling in love with Fall – Fall fashion that is! The temps are dropping and I’m ready to cozy up. Today I’m sharing three fun outfit ideas for whatever is on your Fall to-do list! FALL OUTFIT IDEAS: COZY AT HOME STRIPE LOUNGE SET…

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  • Blue Apron Review- Easy Date Night for Couples

    Cortney September 16, 2020

    As we start school and head into the Holiday Season our already crazy life somehow seems to get even busier. Finding time for a date night can be hard and finding time to cook can be even harder, our easy solution to both has been…

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  • How to Fix Damaged Hair in 4 Easy Steps

    Cortney September 15, 2020

    You guys know I’m a huge fan of hair! Hot tools, new styles, extensions and color – I love to have fun with my hair and try new things. Sometimes this comes at a price though! I used to worry everything I did to my…

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  • Easy Fall Hair Trend – Boho Curls Three Ways

    Cortney September 11, 2020

    Fall is getting closer and closer – I can smell the pumpkin spice in the air! There are so many things to look forward to with the new season: pumpkin carving, Halloween, cozy nights and yummy chili. The list goes on and on! What are…

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  • Say Hello to Upness- my CBD Oil

    Cortney September 10, 2020

    As you guys know, I have publicly struggled with anxiety for a while now. Through sharing the hard times, I hope to always shed light on mental health issues and make others who also struggle, feel less alone. With any product I share, I want…

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  • Grove Collaborative Monthly Subscription Service

    Cortney September 9, 2020

    2020 has taught me a lot of things and I am continually learning with the curve balls thrown our way. Amongst my most valuable lessons I’ve learned to never take cleaning products, toilet paper and bottled water for granted lol. But seriously, with this virus…

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  • Affordable Fall Decor Tips

    Cortney September 8, 2020

    Even though we just moved and are working on getting settled – I can’t help but think of Fall decor! I love how cozy and welcoming it is, how it means the holidays are almost here and how cute it looks in your home! I’m a…

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  • Laundry Room Tour

    Cortney September 4, 2020

    I laugh at myself thinking about how excited I am to share things like my kitchen reveal and today laundry room tour with you all. But as I get older, these are the things in life that excite me and you guys have been with…

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  • Easy Hack to Add Hair Volume

    Cortney September 3, 2020

    Want to know my secret to major hair volume with minimal effort? Say hello to the LE VITE. This looks and works like your everyday hair brush but is actually a hot tool that can combat frizz, smooth hair and even create voluptious curls. It’s SO easy to…

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