Kid-Friendly Fourth of July Treats

3 Kid-Friendly Fourth of July Treats

CortneyJune 29, 2020

Last week I shared some recipes for the perfect 4th of July meal but was left with a sweet tooth after all of the salty goodness. This week, I wanted to make sure you guys had dessert options as you celebrate the 4th of July with friends and family. Dessert is always a part of the meal that I love getting the kids involved in. Here are 3 Kid-Friendly Fourth of July Treats that I am making with the kids this year!

Kid-Friendly Fourth of July Treats

  1. Red White and Blue Chocolate Chip Bars– Chewy and buttery cookie bars that are as cute as they are delicious. The easy, homemade buttercream icing takes this simple dessert to the next level.
  2. American Flag Rice Krispies– A classic that is made into a festive flag just by adding some food coloring and mixing separately. So easy and simple for the kids to get in on.
  3. Patriotic Jell-O Marshmallows– This fun little treat is the perfect bite for little hands and mouths but I promise the grown ups will be grabbing for them too. Experiment with different flavors and let each kid figure out their perfect combo.


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