4 Easy Steps to Beautiful Skin

CortneySeptember 23, 2020

Is there any better feeling than being confident in your own skin? I know it’s not easy, but when my skin is clean and fresh – I feel like a million bucks! Let’s be real though. As a busy mom, sometimes skincare can fall to the bottom of my priority list. That’s why I’ve figured out just 4 Easy Steps to Beautiful Skin and I’m sharing them with you! Plus, I’ve included a FREE download you can save to your phone so you never forget.


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You know I’m a lover of all things beauty – hair, skin, makeup, you name it! I wish I could spend hours pampering myself, but that’s hardly ever the case. I have to make things quick, efficient and still enjoyable if possible (hint, it is with these tricks!).

One way I’ve mastered beautiful skin in just four easy steps, is with this little tool. Say hello to Isla, a Silicone Facial Rechargeable cleansing brush! This cute little tool is housed with sonic vibration technology and over 1600 vibrating touchpoints, so Isla cleanses pores of unwanted dirt, oil, makeup, and bacteria. It’s designed with medical-grade silicone + five adjustable speeds. Your pores will be well cleansed and your beauty products will absorb more effectively leaving you with healthy, glowing skin!

Best part? It doesn’t add any time to your skin care routine! Think of it like working smarter, not harder. So I get a little massage added to my skincare routine + better results. I really couldn’t ask for more. Plus, you can use code ‘CW15’ for a discount at checkout.

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In addition to using the Isla, I swear by Younique’s skincare system. I love that you can take a quiz and have it completely customized to your needs! You can take your own quiz here and start your journey to beautiful skin today. If you get overwhelmed on what you need to do to your skin or what order to do it in, just save the graphic below to your phone!

I hope this was helpful! Be sure to tag me in all your gorgeous selfies so I can see that beautiful skin. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below.

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  • Madonna Dunn

    October 1, 2020 at 10:02 pm

    Cortney I could listen to you talk for hours , seriously !! You have a inspired so many women including myself. I really wish you would write a book my friend you would definitely have a Best Seller !! Through all your journeys and now you are going to marry sweet Adam who loves and cares for those darling children. God has truly blessed you because you have never forgotten where you came from and you are such a kind , compassionate person who cares about other people and wants to make a difference in there lives. You’re unique Cortney and and I am so happy you are living your best life. Xo

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