Affordable Fall Decor Tips

CortneySeptember 8, 2020

Even though we just moved and are working on getting settled – I can’t help but think of Fall decor! I love how cozy and welcoming it is, how it means the holidays are almost here and how cute it looks in your home! I’m a sucker for some affordable Fall decor and wanted to share a few easy decorating tips and favorites with you!


I think another reason I love Fall decor so much is that it can be incorporated so seamlessly into your home and last the rest of the year. So many cozy pieces transition straight into Christmas decor and last you until Spring rolls around. Affordable Fall decor is the way to go when it comes to adding some festive feels to your home.

Don’t stress! A few easy swaps and you’ll feel like you were just a guest on HGTV. Here’s how –


all roads yucca pillow

Texture screams cozy and what’s cozier than a crisp Fall evening cozied up on the couch with a Halloween movie marathon?! Swap out a few pillows with ones that have muted colors and lots of texture for a major autumn impact!



large banan delilah tote basket

This time of year is when we have the most guests. Between holiday gatherings and visiting family, we want to make things inviting! My favorite way to do this? Grab a stylish basket and fill it with warm, fuzzy blankets. Both functional and fun. Don’t worry about breaking the bank either – Walmart has so many great blankets under $20!



decorative ceramic pumpkins

What’s Fall without a few pumpkins?! While going to the pumpkin patch is a memory I’ll never pass up, I can’t resist buying some cute faux pumpkins, too! These work so well on coffee tables, bookcases or in the kitchen. Plus, you can use them year after year making this an extra affordable Fall decor tip! 



oatmeal cookie candle

Fall recipes are some of the most delicious recipes all year. Even if you’re not a baker, you can make your house smell like the most delicious homemade cookies with this candle. Beware – you may be tempted to whip up a batch of cookies after how yummy this smells! 


five. GO FAUX

22″ green mixed foliage wreath

My final affordable Fall decor tip is to grab faux when you can. Not only is it much easier to maintain, but also can be reused season after season, year after year. I love a faux wreath on the door or even a vase filled with faux stems! Michael’s is one of my favorite spots to stock up on all things faux! 

What are some of your favorite things about Fall? If you try any of these tips, be sure to tag me on social so I can see!

find more home decor here! 

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  • Kelly vance

    September 8, 2020 at 3:15 pm

    hey girl the green mixed foliage wreath you listed link for is actually showing the white pumpkin.

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