At Home Blowout

Wet Hair Routine – Products & Tools I Use

CortneyJuly 2, 2020

Some of my most frequently asked questions are how do I make my hair color last in between salon visits and how do I give myself an at home blowout with thick, coarse hair? Well today, I am sharing all of the details with this full Wet Hair Routine post.

At Home Blowout

Step 1: La Mane Shampoo and Borago Deep Conditioning mask– This is my secret weapon in protecting my color and keeping my hair moisturized from color and heat. If you are a blonde and long for that white/silver blonde vs. yellows and golds opt for the Glacé and Frozé Purple Shampoo and Conditioner instead.

*Cortney Tip* Towel Dry/Air Dry 70% of the way. I like to use as little heat as possible when styling my hair so a trick is to let your hair air dry or towel dry about half way before applying product and styling.

Step 2: Sorbet + Glazé + Reméde Combo– I mix a nickel size of Sorbet and Glazé in the palm of my hands along with a drop of Reméde then massage in starting at the ends.

Step 3: Thick It– Use about a quarter size of the Thick It Cream (or even less if your hair is fine or thin) then apply starting at the root massaging out and tousling hair as you go.

Step 4: Rival Heat Shield– Mist the Heat Shield throughout the hair as you lift layers for added protection and defense against the heat.

Step 5: Section off hair and use  Le Volume by rotating dryer upwards at root and rounding it out and down to the ends. I spend a little extra time at the roots bringing the hair upwards on the top layer of hair for extra volume.

And there you have it! This routine is simple and easy but leaves your hair smooth, silky and voluminous which is a combo I used to think was only achievable at a salon. Want to see how I do this routine? HERE is an IGTV where I go through the steps.  Want more hair routines? Check out how I do Classic Curls.

P.S. L’ange is having their Summer Event Sale right now and some of my favorite products and tools are heavily discounted! If you have been waiting to pull the trigger on anything, now is the time!

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  • Emily

    July 2, 2020 at 9:10 pm

    Thanks for the routine and order that you use your products.
    Do you have product suggestions for the days when you want to let your hair dry naturally without using heat?
    On the days when you do want to hear style, can you share if the La Volume works well on long hair?

    1. Cortney

      July 29, 2020 at 2:24 pm

      Hi Emily! I would still use Sorbet smoothing balm, Satin Nectar gloss, and Remede and then let it air dry. The Le Volume does work well on long hair!

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