Beautiful and Efficient Laundry Room Ideas – Plans for Our Reno

CortneyJune 30, 2020

I’ve been dreaming of a beautiful and efficient laundry room my whole adult life – I know you ladies can relate! Somewhere that makes the neverending laundry seem a little more fun and relaxing. Today I’m chatting about our design and decor ideas + a few sneak peeks at how it’s coming along.


HE Stackable Whirlpool Washer

Stackable Whirlpool Dryer with Steam and Wrinkle Shield

‘Full to the Brim’ Artwork

Serena and Lily Laundry Basket (Small, Medium, Large)

Jeffery Court Honed Marble Carrara Wall Tile 

Marble Mosaic Tile

Glass Canister with Wooden Lid

Acrylic Hangers

Iron Entry Shelf Center

Serena and Lily Jute Runner

You’re probably noticing a trend with my home renovations and design inspo. While I want things to be beautiful and of my Pinterest dreams, as a mom of three it’s also equally important that things are functional. I felt the same when checking out decor for our beautiful and efficient laundry room ideas.

It may take a little bit extra work, but you truly can find pieces that are both beautiful and efficient – like this Iron Entry Shelf Center. It’s fun and adorable but also functional as you can stash your keys, mail or even a dog leash for easy access as you’re running out the door! Also, opt for decor like these glass canisters for storing things like detergent or tide pens. Easy access, yet so much more pleasing than the cardboard they come in. Plus, it’s easier to tell when you’re running low!

I’ll share a few more inspo photos and ideas below, if you’ve recently redone your laundry room or wish you had something fun, functional or beautiful in your laundry room let me know so I can include it! If you’re a sucker for pretty organization, make sure you check out this pantry post!

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