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    Cookout Hacks from Cooking with Adam

    Cortney July 7, 2020

    We’re back with another Cooking with Adam special and today, he wanted to share some helpful Cookout Hacks as you grill your way through summer. 1. Keep Burgers Moist with Ice. No one enjoys a dried out burger but mastering a perfectly juicy patty takes practice. Adam’s trick is to form your patty around a ice cube. As you cook the burger, the ice will melt and distribute juice while…

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  • Introducing Cooking with Adam: Summer Cookout Recipes

    Cortney June 5, 2020

    Today I am so excited to introduce Cooking with Adam!! Since we started dating, cooking together has always been our thing. We do it almost every night of the week and as much as I hate to admit, Adam has really showed me up with…

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