• 4 Ingredient No Churn Ice Cream + 4 End of Summer Desserts to Try

    Cortney August 10, 2020

    Can you believe Summer is coming to a close? Just a little over a month left before we are welcoming fall so I’m kicking my summer bucket list into gear! One thing I want to do with the kids before it’s over is have an ice cream night! This 4 Ingredient No Churn Ice Cream is the perfect thing to make with your kids, but if cold treats aren’t your…

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  • Easy & Affordable School Lunch Ideas

    Cortney July 27, 2020

    Think outside of the box, the lunch box that is! August is just a couple days away and that means it’s back to school month! Whether you’re going back full time, part time or homeschooling – feeding your kids can get tedious, boring and expensive.…

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  • Easy Sweet Treats to Try!

    Cortney July 24, 2020

    Now that we are in the thick of summer, the kids and I are always looking for sweet treats that can cool us down. While I’ve tried making ice cream in the past, it turned out more labor intensive than I was into but found…

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  • 3 Kid-Friendly Fourth of July Treats

    Cortney June 29, 2020

    Last week I shared some recipes for the perfect 4th of July meal but was left with a sweet tooth after all of the salty goodness. This week, I wanted to make sure you guys had dessert options as you celebrate the 4th of July…

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  • Easy 4th of July Recipes

    Cortney June 25, 2020

    I blinked and all of a sudden we are deep into Summer with one of my favorite holidays quickly approaching! Last week, I shared some 4th of July outfits for the whole family and now you might be looking for some Easy 4th of July…

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  • Kid Approved Memorial Day Desserts

    Cortney May 20, 2020

    No memorial day would be complete without a few sweets to enjoy as we remember those who have given the ultimate sacrifice and unofficially welcome the summer season! Today I’ve put together some delicious and fun Memorial Day desserts in a very fitting red, white…

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  • 5 Easy & Fun Kid-Friendly Recipes to Try This Weekend

    Cortney April 10, 2020

    It’s finally Friday! Even though we can’t go anywhere, I’m excited the weekend is here and I can spend some extra, uninterrupted time with my kids. During the week, things get crazy but one way I like to spend time with them, while getting things…

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