• hair masks

    The 411 on Hair Masks

    Cortney September 27, 2020

    Not all hair masks are created equal. Whenever someone asks which mask I recommend, I let them know quickly that it depends! What is your hair goals? What kind of condition is it currently in? What damage does it have?! These things all play a big part into what mask might benefit you so today, I’m breaking down my favorite masks and why I love them. The Violet Purple Toning…

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  • New Tool

    New Tool Alert from L’ange

    Cortney September 25, 2020

    If you saw MY LIVE last week, you got a sneak peak of L’ange’s newest tool that is now available online! The Le Spirale! Wands are my favorite effortless curl tool and anytime L’ange comes out with a new one, it is sure to be better than the rest. Come see why… So what’s so special about this wand?! WELL for starters, it offers new enhanced technology that includes faster…

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    My Greasy Hair Solution

    Cortney September 18, 2020

    Oily hair is a common issue people message me about. While trying to train your hair and go days without washing, greasy roots can make you cringe and feel less confident about yourself! Today I’m dishing all about my greasy hair solution and how you can also avoid too much build up of oil. Curing greasy hair starts at the scalp! That is where the oil is produced after all.…

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  • How to Fix Damaged Hair in 4 Easy Steps

    Cortney September 15, 2020

    You guys know I’m a huge fan of hair! Hot tools, new styles, extensions and color – I love to have fun with my hair and try new things. Sometimes this comes at a price though! I used to worry everything I did to my hair was causing major damage but then I realized my favorite products are great at prepping, protecting and maintaining healthy hair! Check out these four…

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  • Easy Fall Hair Trend – Boho Curls Three Ways

    Cortney September 11, 2020

    Fall is getting closer and closer – I can smell the pumpkin spice in the air! There are so many things to look forward to with the new season: pumpkin carving, Halloween, cozy nights and yummy chili. The list goes on and on! What are you most looking forward to? Whether you’re headed to a bonfire or a night on the town this easy Fall hair trend is sure to…

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  • Easy Hack to Add Hair Volume

    Cortney September 3, 2020

    Want to know my secret to major hair volume with minimal effort? Say hello to the LE VITE. This looks and works like your everyday hair brush but is actually a hot tool that can combat frizz, smooth hair and even create voluptious curls. It’s SO easy to use that even my 8 year old can safely use it on her own. The best part? It’s on major sale – spend $50 on hair care…

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  • Hot Tool Guide

    Cortney September 1, 2020

    You guys know I’m a huge fan of my hot tools – wands, flat irons and everything in between! I love mixing it up, having fun and trying new styles – but it can be overwhelming! Today I’m sharing a Hot Tool Guide for all the tools you need for your dream hair. I’m breaking down four of my most used tools and how to use them!   This guide…

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    A Guide to Washing your Hair Less

    Cortney August 28, 2020

    In between wash days? Me too! Let’s talk about how to start washing your hair less, make your blow out last longer and what products are a must when you are trying to skip washing every single day. I used to think to avoid having greasy hair, I had to wash my hair each day. By washing every single day I eventually learned that my scalp was over producing oil…

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  • 2020 Fall Hair Trends I’m Loving

    Cortney August 25, 2020

    A crisp breeze is creeping up and that means Fall isn’t far behind! I’m always eager to try out the new Fall trends, but living in the South means we sometimes see 90 degree temps into October. One way I can start new season dreaming without breaking a sweat? Trying out some Fall Hair Trends! Today I’m sharing three of my favorite hair trends + an easy way to try…

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  • How to: Easy, Everyday Wave Hair Tutorial

    Cortney August 20, 2020

    Easy, everyday waves are my obsession lately! The fun texture is one of my favorite almost Fall trends and this Wave Hair Tutorial is so easy, anyone can get this adorable look! Just a few products + a little time will have you rocking this trend in no time. Here’s how! I absolutely love these easy, effortless waves! It’s the perfect hairstyle to transition into Fall. It’s fun and bold…

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