• 2020 Summer Reading List for Christian Women

    2020 Summer Reading List for Christian Women

    Cortney June 10, 2020

    As I give all of my style and beauty tips this summer, I must first start with my favorite poolside and beachside accessory.. a great book! Today I am sharing my 2020 Summer Reading List for Christian Women and cannot wait to dive into these books as my hectic schedule winds down and I have some time back to reflect on the past year! 2020 has been a hard year…

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  • Bible Verses to Help Conquer Anxiety

    Cortney May 21, 2020

    Anxiety hits from all directions. Lately is has been the pandemic, our economy, the safety of our loved ones and anything else that causes us to feel unsettled, tired, and afraid of the future. As someone who constantly struggles with anxiety, I know how hard…

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  • Coffee with Cortney 5/17

    Cortney May 17, 2020

    Welcome back to Coffee with Cortney! A blog series where I’ll answer your FAQs, chat about things near and dear to my heart or just share something that I want to discuss more in depth. This week I’m chatting about botox, home plans, and more!…

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  • How to Study the Bible for Beginners

    Cortney May 6, 2020

    Have you found yourself sitting down, ready to dive into Gods word only to be left wondering where to start? or maybe you’re new into your faith and studying the Bible seems difficult. That was me as a new Christian years ago beginning my faith…

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  • How to Cope with Anxiety

    Cortney April 28, 2020

    We are living in a time like never before. Even people who do not normally suffer from anxiety, could be experiencing it at some level. With all of the schools closing, toilet paper gone, food shortages, sickness, financial responsibilities, possible home renovation delays and just…

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  • 10 Inspiring Quotes for Tough Times

    Cortney April 11, 2020

    April has been tough. There is a new normal throughout the world and it seems each day is filled with so much unknown. During these trying times, I turn to my faith, try my hardest to stay positive and know this is all part of…

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  • Fighter

    admin July 22, 2019

    I don’t know what battle you’re fighting, but just know you’re not alone! Maybe you are fighting for your marriage, maybe it’s to brave against anxiety, maybe you’re trying to lose the same ten pounds, or you’re sick, or maybe it’s your kids are just…

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  • No Matter What

    admin July 22, 2019

    You’re not too old, and it’s not too late. No matter what you’ve done wrong. No matter how many times you’ve failed. Jesus isn’t waiting for you to mess up again and tell you “I wondered how long it would take before you screwed up…

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