• Fur Babies and Farm Animals Update

    Cortney July 30, 2020

    Y’all truly are the best and love me and my crazy life so well! You guys are always asking about the kids and Adam but are also committed to all of my animals as well and that makes my heart so happy! Today’s post is all about my fur babies, farm animals and updates on how they all are doing! If you guys have been following me on Instagram then…

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  • Easy Moving Guide

    Easy Moving Guide

    Cortney July 15, 2020

    As you guys know, we are creeping up on our closing date and will be moving into Our Dream Home soon! My Mom Moving mode is on another level as I packed up a house full of kids, pets and years of memories. It was no easy task but as I tried to stay calm, organized and relaxed during this transition, I thought I could also round up some helpful…

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  • Summer Bucket List for the Family

    Summer Bucket List for the Family – Fun Ideas & a FREE Printable!

    Cortney June 18, 2020

    Summer is here and every year, we like to make a Summer Bucket List for the Family. This helps us make the most out of our time together and makes sure that we prioritize quality time together, over anything else. This year, we thought it would be fun to share with you all so you can make the most out of your 2020 Summer as well. *SAVE AND PRINT**SAVE AND…

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  • how to tie-dye

    Easy Tie-Dye Tutorial + Pieces to Try It On

    Cortney June 2, 2020

    Even though it hasn’t officially started, Summer is in full swing at our house and we are looking forward to trying new activities! I’m working on a Summer bucket list but in the meantime wanted to share something at the top of our to-do list – TIE-DYE! I have an easy Tie-Dye Tutorial + some adorable white pieces to try it out on!   SHOP WHITE TIE-DYE PIECES:  1. Set…

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  • Amazon Subscribe and Save

    MOM HACK: My Amazon Subscribe & Save Favorites

    Cortney May 28, 2020

    If anyone asks me what my favorite #momhack is without a beat, I blurt out Amazon Subscribe and Save! Amazon Prime has been my BFF for years but recently, their Subscription service has been a game changer and I want to share why with all you other busy moms! So first things first, what is Amazon Subscribe and Save?! This is a Subscription service unlike any other on your everyday…

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  • 5 Fun Kid-Friendly Garden Projects

    Cortney May 25, 2020

    The countdown to Summer is on! School is wrapping up, the official start of Summer is less than a month away and we are itching to get outdoors. One of the things I’m most excited about this Summer is working on our garden at our new home. I’m especially excited for getting the kids involved with these fun kid-friendly garden projects! The best part of these activities? You don’t have…

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  • Coffee with Cortney 5/17

    Cortney May 17, 2020

    Welcome back to Coffee with Cortney! A blog series where I’ll answer your FAQs, chat about things near and dear to my heart or just share something that I want to discuss more in depth. This week I’m chatting about botox, home plans, and more! I’ll share a question box on my Instagram every so often for you to submit questions to be answered, but you can also leave them in…

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  • top outdoor toys

    Top Outdoor Toys for Active Kids

    Cortney May 12, 2020

    Summer is right around the corner and we’re excited to spend more time outside! Keeping my active kids entertained is easy with the right toys, today I’m rounding up my favorite Top Outdoor Toys for Active Kids and why I think you guys will love them, too! Shop Top Outdoor Toys:  Turtle Steps Balancing Game: Turtle Steps is a game of balance, coordination, and concentration for kids ages 3 years and older. Both…

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  • 3 Mother’s Day Self Care Ideas

    Cortney May 7, 2020

    Mother’s Day is almost here! I can’t wait to spend the day with my babies, but after they go to bed I’m treating myself to some me-time. Interested in doing the same? Check out these fun Mother’s Day Self Care Ideas!  SHOP SELF CARE FAVORITES:   Spa Day at Home – Do you feel like you need a spa day more than ever? SAME! After being at home with the little ones…

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  • Bible for Beginners

    How to Study the Bible for Beginners

    Cortney May 6, 2020

    Have you found yourself sitting down, ready to dive into Gods word only to be left wondering where to start? or maybe you’re new into your faith and studying the Bible seems difficult. That was me as a new Christian years ago beginning my faith journey. I wanted desperately to be reading the Bible gaining a deeper, more intimate relationship with God but still left wondering how to retain all…

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