Closet Organization Must-Haves

CortneyAugust 6, 2020

Closet organization has always been a struggle for me. I would spend a full day cleaning out my closet only for it to be a wreck by the time I got dressed again. As I began remodeling the new house, I knew built in organization and functionality would be a must if I wanted to stand a chance at staying organized! I worked with our designer and contractors to really think about the layout of closets and racks so that we would be set up for success once we moved in!

Closet Organization

1: A functional layout

We were able to customize the cabinetry in my space but know that that is not always an option! If your current layout is not working, I highly recommend using the Closet Evolution System that is both customizable to any space but also great quality for a great price. Try mixing hanging rods with drawers and shelves for optimal functionality for all of your pieces.

2: A place for everything

I find its much easier for me to stay organized if each item has a home. Try adding large baskets, drawer organizers or jewelry organizers to your space to make sure even the smallest pieces have a place to live!

3: The right hanger

I feel a little Mommy Dearest on this one BUT did you know there were different types of hangers for different items? Plus, having matching hangers in a closet makes me feel like I am in a luxurious boutique and considering I haven’t been out shopping for pleasure lately, this is nice treat these days! I prefer these rubberized non slip ones to avoid things falling off and making a home on the floor.

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