Coffee with Cortney 6/28

CortneyJune 28, 2020

Welcome back to Coffee with Cortney! My favorite little virtual coffee shop where I answer FAQ, share things I am going through or talk about topics that are heavy on my heart. This week I am talking about insecurities, how I communicate with God in prayer and organization. Let’s get started!

Q: Yes what is your secret to overcoming insecurities? You have such an outgoing personality and so confident.

A: I truly have found that calling out your insecurities and exposing them takes away all of their power and it has made a world of difference in how I view characteristics that I used to hate.

But, just like everyone else, I struggle with insecurities and have days where I just want to shut off. Since starting my business, I honestly owe a lot of my confidence to you all! Whenever I have been scared about posting a photo or video that shows an insecure feature or trait, you guys hype me up and I could never thank you enough.

Q: How do you pray? How do you communicate your needs and concerns to God?

A: I talk to God throughout the day, in normal conversation. I speak to Him aloud and in silence. I not only call onto Him when I need something but rejoice in prayer about small and big accomplishments as well. He truly is and can be a friend unlike any other if you just have faith and know that He is always with you.

Want more of my favorite Bible Verses? Click HERE

Q: How do you manage to stay all together , organized ?

A: My life is truly a Instagram vs. Reality meme. While I have tons of organized people on my team and in my life.. I myself am not one of them! BUT since we are soon moving into my Dream Home and I feel like I am really #adulting, I have organization and functionality as one of the things I want to improve on about myself. I even shared Pantry Organization Items last week in an effort to start there. So PLEASE leave any tips and tricks you might have for me below and as I work on these skills, I will make sure to share about the journey lol.

As always, please leave any questions you would like answered in the upcoming weeks of Coffee with Cortney. I am an open book and love hearing from you guys each week! Thanks so much for tuning in.







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  • Jennifer Grimm

    June 30, 2020 at 8:41 pm

    You are amazing and so inspirational. You are also beautiful inside and out! This quarantine has really taken a toll on myself as well as my 3 kids. I have 2 boys that are on the Spectrum (8 years and 20 months) and a daughter that is 4 going on 21 (middle) lol. I have become depressed staying at home with my kids. It’s been challenging and now with the quarantine going back into effect, I am scared. We can’t pay our bills and my husbands and I constantly argue over everything, my kids are regressing and now I don’t think my oldest son can start “normal” public school because he’s regressed so much. So how do you keep it so together?! How do u wake up with a smile on ur face everyday? Faith and having copious amounts of patience always runs on E and I never get a break because my husband works all day and sleeps when he gets home. I am almost like a single mother of 3. I just need help and fear I am not a good wife or mother anymore because I am so worn out and spread too thin! Do you have any advice that could help make our days a bit more brighter? I love my kids and I love my family but I am hoping I can pull myself out of this weird funk. I am open to any advice as well. Any moms to children on the spectrum or moms to NICU Babies/ premie baby’s born at 30 weeks? Any moms looking for support?

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