Coffee with Cortney 7/19

CortneyJuly 19, 2020

Welcome back to Coffee with Cortney. My favorite little virtual coffee shop where I answer FAQs, share things I am going through or talk about topics that are heavy on my heart. Last week I dove  into some common DMs I’ve received this month, this week I’m continuing with some questions you guys submitted about building your online presence, what it’s like to be an “influencer” and more!


Q. As an influencer, how do you choose what to share and what to keep private?

A. I am a very open book and love being honest and transparent with you all. I feel that sharing real life is the best thing to do, if someone doesn’t like it – they don’t have to follow along! It definitely takes some thick skin, the comments and messages aren’t always nice but that’s ok. There’s a quote that I like to think about sometimes and it’s so true: “You could be the juiciest, ripest peach in the world and still find someone who doesn’t like peaches.”. As long as I’m being true to myself, I don’t mind sharing with you all. As far as what to keep private, I am an open book but I like to remember that the people around me may not be. I often don’t share every single thing about my family, friends or Adam because it may not be my story to tell. I think about how permanent the internet is and leave the option up to them if they want to share or not. My kids are too young to completely understand, so I like to highlight their life for you all but remember not everything you see on the internet is the full picture – even with myself! Instagram is a highlight reel and it’s important to not forget that.

Q. How did you get started as an influencer? What has been the secret to your success?

A. I don’t like to think of myself as an influencer necessarily because I’m truly just sharing my real life with you guys! I share things – products, clothes, makeup, hair, bible verses, etc. that I love and have created a community of people who also enjoy these things. I got started by doing my hair and makeup on Facebook and speaking from my heart. I think that people enjoyed connecting with someone who wasn’t just trying to share products but things they truly loved and it blossomed from there! Over time, I have continued to be myself and speak from my heart. It’s grown into an incredible community of people and I love getting to connect with you all. If I had to pick one secret to share, I’d say: stay true to yourself, share what you’re passionate about and you too can find your people!

Q. How did you build your online presence?

A. As I mentioned above, staying true to myself makes it easy to share with you guys. I can hop on Facebook Live to show you my hair tutorials, makeup or just whatever is happening in our little world that day. It makes it easy to be consistent. I think it’s important to stay consistent while staying true to yourself. If you’re looking to get started on social media or share your life, start small and pick something you love. It will be fun, natural and help create a true community.

Q. How do you deal with stress, especially when your life is so public?

A. Stress has been a main theme of 2020, for everyone in the world. First, when I’m feeling stressed, I like to remember a couple of important things:

– God is in control of everything. Turning to prayer, His word and His promise, I know that the stress is temporary and God is the only thing that is forever. Remembering His promise helps me relax. Sometimes I’ll read some of my favorite verses or turn on scripture music (see some of my favorite songs here).

– Stepping back also is a huge help. When you share so much online, you can feel pressure to be ‘On’ every single day. You don’t have to feel like that! You are allowed to take time to yourself (no matter what your job is). I like to plan a special evening with the kids, a date night with Adam or just a nice, relaxing bath for myself. Put the phone away and disconnect. It always helps!

What do you do to handle stress? I’d love to hear in the comments below! Thanks so much for popping by, join me next Sunday for a brand new round of Coffee with Cortney!

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  • Karen Martin

    July 19, 2020 at 7:16 pm

    Thanks for just being you! I so enjoy watching you and it’s refreshing to ‘meet’ someone who is true to themselves. Sure wish you lived closer to Panama City FL! God Bless You!💕💕

  • Sarah Kober

    July 19, 2020 at 8:52 pm

    Cortney, I love how honest you are. I wish I lived close by cause I feel like we would make good friends! I love your passion for God! I also love watching your videos!

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