Coffee with Cortney 7/5

CortneyJuly 5, 2020

Hello Sunday! Welcome back to Coffee with Cortney! My favorite little virtual coffee shop where I answer FAQs, share things I am going through or talk about topics that are heavy on my heart. Last week I chatted about insecurities, how I communicate with God in prayer and organization. This week I’m chatting all things HAIR! Let’s dive in.


Q. I recently ran across your Facebook Page and am super inspired by you. I have naturally thin, damaged hair from years of coloring. Any recommendations by l’ange that you would recommend starting with? Also, anything you would recommend for evening my skin tone? I have rosy undertones, undereye dark circles and freckles. Thanks!

A. I would suggest the La Mane shampoo and the Borago deep conditioning mask to wash, Sorbet smoothing balm, Smoothe healing oil, Remede argan oil, and Manage marula oil to style and set! You can find all of those products here. Younique has an amazing skin care line that has completely transformed my skin. I would suggest taking the skin care quiz to find what works best for you. ♥


Q. I recently found your Pancake Braid Tutorial on Pinterest. I loved trying it out! Will you consider more hair tutorials?

A. I’m so happy you found it and liked it, that makes my heart smile! I actually have a lot of hair tutorials on Facebook. I go live there a few times a week and share things like hair tutorials/new products, makeup looks and try on hauls. Plus, I’m able to read and respond to comments in real time! I love answering questions on here but it’s also nice to be able to chat with you guys directly and immediately. Be sure to check out my Facebook page hereIn addition to my videos, you can find all my hair posts here!


Q. Your hair color is beautiful! What should I tell my stylist if I want similar results?

A. Thank you so much! I am a firm believer in showing vs. telling. I have learned over the years that I may not always be using the exact terms when describing my color desires, so I like to bring in photos for help! Below I’ve added a little graphic with my recent brunette color. Feel free to save this to your phone and whip it out at your next hair appointment. I like to think it’s dark brown with caramel highlights but the photos tell the best story!


Thanks so much for popping in! I hope you have a wonderful week ahead. If you are looking for some inspiring quotes, check out this post and save one as your iPhone wallpaper for a fun, uplifting reminder all week! Let me know any questions you have for next week’s Coffee with Cortney in the comments below!

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  • Angela Gaudet

    July 9, 2020 at 6:45 pm

    I love watching all your videos… I was just wondering about some little things about you like what is your favourite colour, favourite movie, favourite song, your favourite holiday, favourite flavour of coffee, favourite place to eat with Adam, favourite thing to do with your kiddos and what would be your ultimate dream vacation…

  • Coffee with Cortney 7/12 –

    July 12, 2020 at 6:01 am

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  • Stephanie

    July 14, 2020 at 5:47 pm

    I recently received the Navy kimono from Jane & Kate and I love love love it. I had wanted one every since I started watching you do ur makeup and you had one on from target. I have had a hard the last few years and haven’t fixed myself up but I am trying again and I have gotten compliments and referred ur website everywhere I wore it. Thank you for making me feel seen again💜 no one sees u when u don’t get ready….

    1. Cortney

      July 29, 2020 at 2:33 pm

      Aw I’m so glad you got one! Thank you for the referrals! You are always seen 😉 ♥

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