Easy Hack to Add Hair Volume

CortneySeptember 3, 2020

Want to know my secret to major hair volume with minimal effort? Say hello to the LE VITEThis looks and works like your everyday hair brush but is actually a hot tool that can combat frizz, smooth hair and even create voluptious curls. It’s SO easy to use that even my 8 year old can safely use it on her own. The best part? It’s on major sale – spend $50 on hair care and you’ll get a FREE Le Vite with the code ‘FREEVITE’.







Now that you know how to get yours for free, here’s how you use it!

step one.

Apply Style Revival Dry Shampoo all over, focusing on your roots. While this is my favorite dry shampoo for no wash days, I also love using it to create texture and hold. 

step two. 

After applying Style Revival, next you will apply Luster Spray Laminate all over, but really focus on the ends of your hair. This spray contains Jojoba seed oil and Vitamin E to give a beautiful shine and smooth ends. It works so well and smells even better! I love it. 

step three. 

Now it’s time to use the Le Vite! Once you have your desired temperature, click both the up and down arrow at the same time to lock it in. You can create many different styles depending on how you handle the brush, but I love to create big, beautiful, loose curls. To do this, I take the brush and start at the top of my hair with a 1-2″ section. Next, I slowly move downwards towards the end of my hair. At the same time, I gently twist my wrist. This creates a curl motion. I will also stop about halfway down to really lock in that curl! See how in this video! If you prefer to straighten your hair with the Le Vite, start at the top of your hair like normal and slowly glide the Le Vite downwards towards the end of your hair for a beautiful, sleek look.

step four. 

Once I have used the Le Vite on my whole head, I lock everything in with my favorite- Trois Chic HairsprayNot only does this hairspray lock in your style, but it gives you the option of choosing three different holds. It’s flexible, locks in volume but still adds movement to your hair! 

step five. 

The final step to easy hair volume is finishing with the Manage Marula Oil. In addition to the Trois Chic Hairspray, the marula oil helps lock in your curls while adding a beautiful, finishing shine! To use, just spray all over and gently tousle hair with your fingers. 

Five easy steps to your dream hair volume! The Le Vite is a GAME CHANGER! Be sure to stock up on your favorite products during this sale and then snag a Le Vite for FREE with code ‘FREEVITE’. Want to see more products I love? Check out all my hair posts here

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