Easy Halloween

Easy Halloween Costumes for the Family

CortneySeptember 22, 2020

The girls live in costumes pretty much year round as playing dress up is one of their favorite activities. Last year for Halloween, we pulled together family super hero options that were super easy as they already had their costumes and I just had to find something for Christian, Adam and I to wear. This was me being prepared! As the season gets busier that is not always the case, I frequently forget certain events that we might need to dress up for so I try to keep a few Easy DIY Halloween Costumes in mind for the times I need to pull something together in a jiffy. They are so easy but cute that anyone can pull them off!

Easy Halloween


  1. Hippies- This one is 100% up my alley as all things 70’s are making a comeback in my closet in a big way. I can easily pull out some bell bottoms and a retro shirt to be done. For the guys, I would recommend a button up shirt with a thin layer on top like a suit vest unbuttoned and either corduroys or jeans.
    easy halloweenSource: Lauren J Parry
  2. Cereal Mascots- This is such a fun and out-of-the box idea lol! It is extra easy to pull together quickly as you can pick characters that have easy outfits based on what is already in your closet!

Easy HalloweenSource: Kaila Walls 

3. Zoo Keeper and his Animals- Another super cute but easy one to pull together quickly. This is perfect for larger families as the character options are endless! Just make sure to assign your Zoo Keeper as someone who can wear all khaki or white and bonus if they have a hat to really sell the look!

Easy Halloween Source: Ashley Saulsbury

Not into DIY’ing? That’s okay, you still have plenty of time to order! See some of the kids favorite costumes this year below!


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