Summer Hairdo

Fun Buns + Easy Waves Tutorial

CortneyJuly 22, 2020

A couple weeks ago I went live and shared the perfect Summer hairdo! It is perfect for the beach or pool or if you’re just in a hurry and want to look like you put some effort into getting ready lol.

Summer Hairdo

Brush it Out:

I use the Boar Bristle Brush which helps evenly distribute oil throughout my hair to avoid buildup in the roots and allow me to go longer in between washes.

Section Off:

Section into top and bottom parts then brush the bottom out again to get rid of any tangles.

Make Waves:

Using my Le Rêve, I bend my hair about midway to create an easy effortless wave vs. a full curl and complete this around the entire bottom section. Then spray with Trois Chic 3 Way Hairspray to hold it all in place and add grit and additional texture. Take down your top section and brush it out again.

One Bun:

If you’re in a hurry, you can complete this look with one single bun on the top of your head. If you’re going this route, just pull from your ears to the top of your head and gather all hair in your hand. Make a ponytail shape and wrap the tail around your finger until the bun is created. Tie off with clear rubber bands or kids ponytail holders for less bulk.

Two Buns:

Section your hair down the middle. Take one side by pulling up from your ear and placing ponytail shape on the top but side of your head. Wrap ponytail around your finger until mini bun is created. Secure with clear rubber band or kids ponytail holder for less bulk. Repeat on opposite side.

Mess It Up:

This is the fun part! Now that your bun(s) are secured, gently pull it up and out to create volume and texture for the “messy” effect. If you opted for two buns, use this time to try to get them to match in size and shape. If it gets out of control, just adjust and pin down parts with bobby pins.

I hope you guys love this fun and easy summer hairdo. Visit HERE to see another fun look to try! If you do any of my tutorials on your own hair, make sure to tag me so I can see how cute it looks!!


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