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CortneySeptember 9, 2020

2020 has taught me a lot of things and I am continually learning with the curve balls thrown our way. Amongst my most valuable lessons I’ve learned to never take cleaning products, toilet paper and bottled water for granted lol. But seriously, with this virus sweeping over the nation, the shelves were stripped of all household cleaners and I thought, this could be really bad.  Determined to find a solution, I signed up for Grove Collaboratives Monthly Cleaning Kit and it has been a game changer!

Grove Collaborative


What drew me to Grove Collaborative’s monthly subscription service was that it used clean and healthy brands that I already loved. Mrs. Meyers has been my go to house cleaner for years and was one of the first sold out on the shelves as soon as I realized we were in a pandemic. With my busy, big family, I like to keep the essentials on hand, this service ships me exactly what I need as soon as I am getting low on items with an easy click of a button.

grove collaborative

Grove Collaborative

Subscription services can be scary to sign up for in hard times but Grove Collaborative keeps things simple by allowing me to adjust my shipments, reschedule deliveries or even skip a month if needed.

Grove Collaborative

The ease of staying stocked up on high quality products without the high price tag is for sure the best perk a subscription box could possibly give me and I am positive you will love this service as well. Right now, they are offering a FREE Mrs. Meyers Cleaning set with your first order! Want in on more of my subscription secrets? See my Prime Auto Ship Must Haves HERE.

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