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The 411 on Hair Masks

CortneySeptember 27, 2020

Not all hair masks are created equal. Whenever someone asks which mask I recommend, I let them know quickly that it depends! What is your hair goals? What kind of condition is it currently in? What damage does it have?! These things all play a big part into what mask might benefit you so today, I’m breaking down my favorite masks and why I love them.

hair masks

The Violet Purple Toning Masque is a life saver for all blondes! It nourishes and tones light hair to keep it looking fresh out of the salon all week. It’s made to strengthen dry, damaged and color treated hair! The pigment tones hair to reduce brassy tones and keep your hair looking it’s best!

The Borago Borage Oil Deep Conditioning Mask is a super deep conditioner designed to treat and repair damaged, dry, or coarse hair and make it stronger, healthier, and have incredible shine. For best results, avoid hot water when rinsing out your hair.

Smoothe Healing Oil Treatment is an amazing reparative oil that creates elasticity, strengthens your hair, and prevents breakage by locking in moisture. It’s the perfect salon quality hair and scalp treatment from the comfort of your home!

Envie Leave-In Conditioner is a tried and true favorite! I love using this to prep for a blowout that’ll last all day and all night. It protects your hair from heat damage while using biotin and botanical extracts to reduce frizz, and increase manageability, softness, and shine!

The Dream Creme Intensive Reconditioning Hair Treatment is a must have for anyone with curly, coarse, dry or damaged hair! It hydrates your hair and reduces frizz dramatically. It helps fortify your curl pattern or gives hair a super sleek look!

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