How to Fix Damaged Hair in 4 Easy Steps

CortneySeptember 15, 2020

You guys know I’m a huge fan of hair! Hot tools, new styles, extensions and color – I love to have fun with my hair and try new things. Sometimes this comes at a price though! I used to worry everything I did to my hair was causing major damage but then I realized my favorite products are great at prepping, protecting and maintaining healthy hair! Check out these four easy steps on how to fix damaged hair.


ONE. wash

Start by washing your hair with Heavenly Shampoo & Célestial Conditioner. Heavenly Shampoo has a luxurious lather with Coconut Oil, Soy Protein, and botanical extracts of Yarrow and Chamomile to soothe the scalp and moisturize deprived hair. Pair it with Célestial Conditioner, a moisturizing conditioner with botanical extracts of Rosehip, Lemongrass and Chamomile to soothe the hair and scalp. This will give you a blank, healthy canvas for any hair style you want to achieve while nourishing and protecting your hair!


TWO. prep and protect

Next in your journey to fix damaged hair, prep your hair for the day – especially if you’ll be styling with hot tools! First, add Envie Leave-In Conditioner. Fortified with biotin & botanical extracts, its frizz-fighting formula detangles, smooths, and gives your hair manageability, softness, and shine — all while keeping your hair’s color vibrant and protecting it when you’re heat styling. Followed by Dream Creme, a deeply moisturizing leave-in treatment that provides hair with hydration and a smooth, shiny finish. Next, add in Remède Argan OilA few drops adds vitamin E, antioxidants and essential fatty acids to polish, protect and fortify dry and damaged strands.


THREE. polish

After you have your hair prep and protected, it’s time to dry! Check out one of my favorite hair dryers, the Le Volume, here. Once hair is dry, apply Satin Néctar Nourishing Gloss and Managé Marula Oil. Satin Néctar Nourishing Gloss is rich in antioxidants and Vitamins A, C & E for conditioning and protection. Coconut and sunflower seed oil leaves hair soft and natural feeling with a healthy looking shine! Paired with Manage Marula Oil – you’ll have soft, shiny and luxurious hair! This on-the-go hydrating formula revives and nourishes dry and damaged hair.


FOUR. maintain

Finally, remember to use the Rehab Hydrating Masque once every two weeks for best results. This hair mask is fortified with keratin, borage and linseed oils to nourish, strengthen and protect hair without weighing it down. Coloring, lightening and heat-styling can be hard on hair, resulting dull, dry locks and split ends but this mask is here to help! After shampooing, remove as much moisture as possible from your hair. Massage into hair and let sit for 3-5 minutes. For more damaged hair, masque may be left on up to 12 minutes.

Dream hair is attainable with these four easy steps! I hope you enjoyed this guide on how I use my favorite products to fix damaged hair and keep it looking beautiful. Any questions? Drop them below!


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