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CortneyApril 13, 2020

If there is one thing my kids and I can agree on , it’s that Amazon is our BFF. When they’re bored, I need to work a little or we’re just looking to try a new activity – I head to Amazon. Easy to order, easy to use these Kid Approved Amazon Activities will be a hit for the whole family!

During these past few weeks of staying at home, we have become Amazon experts! Not only are these options affordable and fun, some are educational, too! It’s the perfect formula for mom and children happiness. Time to get to the good stuff, check out our kid approved Amazon activities!

  1. Rock and Mineral Collection Activity KitI snagged this kit that has over 150 pieces of rocks and stones plus a full-color educational identification sheet. Favorites include: amethyst, quartz, tiger eye, jasper, calcite, turquenite and many others. I love ordering this kit for a few differnt reasons. First, my kids love to do chores and get rocks and gems as prizes! Money is not very motivating right now since we can’t leave to buy anything. Also, I like having these on hand for fun games. I’ll hide some in the garden or during a beach vacation and let the kids think they are finding rare thing! Their excitement is worth every penny.
  2. The 3 Minute Gratitude Journal for Kids – This book is under $10 but so wonderful! It is a self exploration journal designed to focus on being thankful for what we have, the big things in life, as well as the simple joys. Each well designed and kid-friendly daily spread contains space to list out three things you are thankful for, a person who brought you joy and how you felt about your day. Let your child work on it alone or do it together!
  3. Fairy Nightlight Lantern Craft KitPut their imaginations at work with this fun fairy kit! Keep them busy while they create their own fairy jar and watch their faces light up once it’s finished. My girl’s loved this DIY kit and I loved seeing what they created. see photos below! 
  4. Elfnico Battling Tops Metal Fusion Starter Set with 4D Launcher Grip Burst Battle Set – This set comes with 4 tops and 2 launchers, making for some very happy children! Useful indoors or out, your children will love to watch them battle. 

  5. Melissa and Doug Deluxe Watercolor Paint Set – This jumbo paint set has 21 vibrant colors! My kids love putting away the electronics and grabbing some paint for some good old-fashioned fun. I love seeing what they create and hanging my favorites on our fridge! In case you didn’t know, watercolor does best on thicker paper. We like to order this paper or if we’re out we will substitute for white paper plates!
  6. Dan & Darci Paint + Plant Flower Growing Kit Spring is in the air and this kit is the perfect opportunity for little ones to get involved! Paint the planter and plant markers, then sow the Marigold, Cosmos, and Zinnia flowers. Includes step-by-step instructions for those with a green thumb and those without!
  7. Bug Bungalow Insect Catching Kit – My sweet Lola has become a huge fan of collect snails and snail shells! I ordered this kit so she can safely catch them and pop him in the screened-in bug hut for closer inspection. The swing-up door gives easy access and lets you quickly release your bug friends back into the wild after you’ve had a good look!
  8. Pop Large Beads Set – I love doing activities with the kids and seeing what they create but sometimes the little bead kits are more work and frustration than fun. This kit is great for all ages because the beads are larger! Unlike traditional bead sets, these connect without rope and can make so many fun things! Hours of entertainment, plus fun to see what their little imaginations come up with.
  9. Classic Twister Game – Talk about a throwback! This classic game is always a hit, even decades later. Hours of laughs and entertainment make for unforgettable memories with this fun game.
  10. 30 Second AirFort – I think I saved our family’s favorite for last! This fort blows up with the flip of a switch in just seconds and is huge, coming in at 77″ wide x 50″ tall. My kid played in this for hours and hours, it was definitely worth the money. It’s durable and great quality, so I expect us to be using it for years to come.

Like I said, Amazon is a lifesaver! Especially during these crazy times. Being stuck at home doesn’t have to feel stuck with these fun options. Order a few and watch the memories unfold, and remember you’re not stuck at home – you’re safe at home!

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