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Kitchen Gadgets: Splurge vs. Save

CortneyAugust 13, 2020

You guys know I love all things pretty but when it comes to kitchen gadgets and small appliances, you can spend a fortune on the aesthetically pleasing options. Since we opted for higher end large appliances and finishes in the New House, I really wanted to find affordable options for the smaller gadgets I knew we would be needing without sacrificing the look! Here is my Splurge vs. Save Must have kitchen finds.

Kitchen Gadgets

When searching for any smaller appliances, I keep in mind looks, quality and how much the item will be used. The splurges that I included below are the best in their class, when it comes to comparative options. These items are ones that I knew would hold up long term since they are items that are used frequently in our home. The Save items that I found are all from a surprising retailer who has really upped their game over the years. I have already received some of these items in the mail and am super impressed with the look, quality and price point! One of my most frequently asked questions is about our oven in the new house. I actually placed this item under my “save” category. I loved the look of the high end ovens I was seeing all over social media but the popular brand, La Cornue, was way out of my price range during the remodel. I found this Hallman oven that looks almost identical, has great reviews and was much more reasonable for a large appliance I knew we would be using a lot. They have a ton of different finishes and customizations as well as sizes. If you are in the market for a new oven, I cannot recommend this one enough.




We are finally getting settled into the new house and as I decide on finishing touches, I want to bring you guys along with us! What is your favorite way to shop along? Instagram, Facebook, or Blog Posts? Drop your answer in the comments below!

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  • Karen Walker

    August 20, 2020 at 10:21 am

    Cortney what kind of pantry containers are those? Thanks

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