CortneyAugust 14, 2020

When L’ange comes out with new products it seriously feels like Christmas morning to me! So you can imagine my excitement when they came out with a huge variety of new items for me to try out last month and I am here to share which ones I have tried so far and am absolutely loving!


L’ange has been busy at work introducing some of the neatest products and tools over the last month! While I cannot wait to get my hands on all of the goods, here is what I’ve tried so far.

Le Volume: Hands down my favorite tool these days! This brush dryer is so versatile as it can be used on dry hair to extend your blowout between washes or on wet hair to replace your blow dryer completely. I named this as my #1 Must Have Beauty Survival Tool on Coffee with Cortney a couple of weeks ago and for good reason!

Le Duo: This curling iron works double time as it curls your hair as well as immediately sets your curls with the tiny air vents on the exterior. This tool is seriously so unique and makes my curls last for days!

Biotin Gummies: As tasty as they are necessary! Biotin is the one vitamin I am always needing more of. This gummy boosts the health of your hair to promote growth and strength. They are so good, sometimes I have to fight the urge to take more than two a day.

Star Dust: This talc-free volumizing powder is a game changer. It does not leave your hair feeling sticky or weird but adds a boost of volume wherever you spritz it. I love the pump action application. A little goes a long way with this one!

Hair Elixir: Packed with caffeine, botanical oils and biotin, this elixir is so nourishing and moisturizing for heat damaged or frizzy ends or irritated and dry scalps.

Detox: While on the topic of dry scalps, this product is unlike any other! Specifically formulated for scalps that need a reset from irritation. It is made with charcoal and instantly enhances the appearance, feel and overall health of your scalp.

I am hoping to get another shipment of goodies in soon and when I do, I will keep you in the know! In the meantime, drop any concerns or questions about tools or products in the comments below and I will round them all up in a blog post and answer!

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