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MOM HACK: My Amazon Subscribe & Save Favorites

CortneyMay 28, 2020

If anyone asks me what my favorite #momhack is without a beat, I blurt out Amazon Subscribe and Save! Amazon Prime has been my BFF for years but recently, their Subscription service has been a game changer and I want to share why with all you other busy moms!

Amazon Subscribe and Save

So first things first, what is Amazon Subscribe and Save?! This is a Subscription service unlike any other on your everyday grocery and home items. Depending on how much you spend, you can even qualify for additional discounts on their already low prices + it is always free shipping.  My favorite feature is that you can chose a different shipping cycle per item rather than everything cycling the same each month/week/year but more on this below!


I have two rules of thumb when adding to my Auto Ship list..

Large Items: I love adding large items such as paper towels, toilet paper, dog food and drinks to my auto ship orders. These are things that we are always running through but that also save so much space in your cart when you are at the grocery store loading and unloading kids. If my 35lb dog food bag can magically show up at my doorstep each month rather than me throwing it over my shoulder, under my cart and into my trunk, then I consider that a no brainer.

Bulk Items that run out quickly: If I notice that I run out of an item without having a replacement on standby more than once, you can bet that that item is added to my auto ship list right away. Nothing is more annoying than having to run to the store just to grab laundry detergent or garbage bags. I order these in bulk and if I get a build up of inventory, I will adjust my shipping cycle. So for instance, if I have 3 fabric softeners on hand, I will change my subscription to only ship another every 3 months to allow me to go through what I already have.

Since the ongoing pandemic started, I have been adding even more to my subscribe and save list to avoid going into public as much as possible. If you’re finding that you are running out for last minute things all the time, lugging around bulky items or just trying to stay out of the grocery stores as much as possible, this service will literally change your life!

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