My Greasy Hair Solution

CortneySeptember 18, 2020

Oily hair is a common issue people message me about. While trying to train your hair and go days without washing, greasy roots can make you cringe and feel less confident about yourself! Today I’m dishing all about my greasy hair solution and how you can also avoid too much build up of oil.


Curing greasy hair starts at the scalp! That is where the oil is produced after all. It is important to take care of your scalp which is constantly bogged down with products and stripped of its natural barrier when washed too much. Did you know that washing too much actually makes your scalp produce more oil as it is trying to replenish itself?!


My first step to curing greasy hair is to use the Exfolier Purifying Scalp Scrub. I use this with the Scalp Saveur in the shower weekly to help work the scrub in which eliminates limp, lifeless hair caused by buildup.

Next, I wash with the Tonique and Refresh shampoo and conditioner. It has mint and tea tree oil in it to relieve and invigorate my scalp after the detox. The cooling sensation is so refreshing, I feel like it energizes my entire body and wakes me up especially if used in the morning!

I follow by styling my hair as normal. If I want extra volume at my roots, I dry with my Le Volume.

After styling, I always make sure to spray with Style Revival Dry Shampoo even though I just washed. This gives my roots some grit to absorb oil before it even begins to accumulate. I also love applying this before bed to my roots so when I sleep on my hair, I have an added layer of protection from the grease.


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