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New Tool Alert from L’ange

CortneySeptember 25, 2020

If you saw MY LIVE last week, you got a sneak peak of L’ange’s newest tool that is now available online! The Le Spirale! Wands are my favorite effortless curl tool and anytime L’ange comes out with a new one, it is sure to be better than the rest. Come see why…

New Tool

So what’s so special about this wand?! WELL for starters, it offers new enhanced technology that includes faster heat recovery time which efficiently curls your hair with ease plus a titanium coating to enhance shine and smoothness. Fighting frizz is one of my biggest challenges when curling my hair so a wand that helps with this is a win in my book. The Le Spirale comes in two sizes 32mm and 25mm. The bigger the barrel the looser the curl so I opt for the 32mm most often!

I love the sleek black color and upgraded handle for more comfort when curling + the digital programming is fool proof. Overall, I feel I will be reaching for this wand much more often than the Lustré that used to be my go to!

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