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CortneySeptember 10, 2020

As you guys know, I have publicly struggled with anxiety for a while now. Through sharing the hard times, I hope to always shed light on mental health issues and make others who also struggle, feel less alone. With any product I share, I want to always make sure I give the product a good go and also make sure I truly love it before writing a post on it. After a few months of use, I wanted to say hello to Upness! My go to CBD oil.


CBD Oil has been a game changer for people who deal with anxiety, mood swings, trouble sleeping or focus issues. CBD is a chemical compound in cannabis but does not give the mind-altering (psychotropic) effects as THC. While there are many companies now selling CBD, I wanted to make sure I went with one that was safe and organic and came across Upness! Their hemp is grown following certified organic production methods which are free of heavy metals, herbicides and pesticides.

They have a wide variety of products that can be easily incorporated into your everyday life and give you relief from so many different problems that you otherwise may have sought medical treatment for. I will link all about the amazing benefits HERE!

For me, I use Upness oil drops daily to help boost my mood and calm my anxiety. My favorite flavor is the Mint Vanilla but the Berry is also amazing.



Since starting the oils, I have also tried a couple of Upness’ s other products. My two favorites are Very Savvy and Reliefness!

Very Savvy is great for sore muscles, neck pain or any problematic inflammation areas. I use it on my achey joints daily and it instantly relieves pain and soreness.

Reliefness is perfect for on the go CBD treatment. It can be applied to anywhere on your body to help fade tension. It also has essential oils so I love to place it on my temples and neck throughout the day to stay relaxed.

I truly love this brand and what is has done for my mental health over the past few months. Moving during a pandemic and starting the kids back to school would typically be triggers for my anxiety to spiral but I have been able to face it all with such a clearer headspace and know that it has to be because of these products. If you suffer from any issue listed above, would you ever try CBD oil? Let me know in the comments below!

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