Skincare ft. Fancii Cleaner Step by Step

CortneyJuly 16, 2020

Every week, I ask for questions to discuss on Coffee with Cortney and almost every single time, I am asked what My Skincare Routine looks like. Being in the makeup industry and trying new products out can cause my skin to go into a frenzy but here is how I keep a fresh face!

My Skincare Routine

It is a misconception that since I am passionate about makeup, I must also be passionate about skincare. WRONG. I was a bar of soap type of girl much of my youth. I had no idea of what products treated problem areas or different types of skincare needs. That is why I love this Custom Regimen. It was selected specifically for me after I answered a series of questions about my skin. You can take the quiz too!

Step One: Remove Makeup

Getting all of the layers of make up I like to try out is no easy task. This cleansing stick melts away make up, dirt and grime like a magic wand. I love that I literally draw it on my face and how well it travels.

Step Two: Cleanse

I love that this Cleanser is packed full of nourishing ingredients verses a harsh one that strips my skin. I apply a couple of pumps of this onto my Fancii Facial Brush to really give my skin a spa like experience and get deep into my pores and hard to reach places.

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Step Three: Tone

This toner is a crisp and refreshing spritz of rose water after a intense cleanse and soothes any irritated areas.

Step Four: Serum

This vitamin pack serum absorbs quickly which I love to avoid feeling greasy and sticky. It is packed with vitamins and truly gives my skin the most visible boost of elasticity and firmness. I use this step to give myself a little face massage by doing circular motions under my eyes around my temples and down from my ears to my jawbone.

Step Five: Moisturize

Depending on if it is night time or day time, I will use this or this moisturizer. There is a variety of differences in the two depending on the needs of your specific skin! You can find out which moisturizer boosters you need by taking the quiz.

Step Six: SPF (daytime only)

I finish my daily routine with the most important part. SPF! Protecting your skin from harmful rays makes such an impact in the texture, firmness and overall appearance of your skin. This SPF is light and blends great under my makeup so I do not feel sticky or greasy as I go into my makeup routine.

I hope you guys enjoyed this highly requested post and will take the time to figure out the perfect routine for your specific needs. I wish I would have started paying attention to my skin earlier.



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  • Kelly Reed

    July 21, 2020 at 10:07 pm

    I have mature dry skin. I’m interested in skin care basics.
    Also pasty girl drops. I can’t find your link for that.
    Thank you. Good luck w your move.

    1. Cortney

      July 29, 2020 at 2:45 pm

      Hi Kelly! I would suggest taking the skin care quiz to find what would work best for your skin type. For Pasty Girl, you can find the link here.

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