• Farmhouse Glam Wall Decor Guide

    Cortney August 19, 2020

    As we move into the new house and work on making it a home, I am currently shopping art, mirrors and signs to personalize empty walls and bring my unique style into every space. I want to be intentional with where I hang what and focus on not overcrowding spaces but rather enhance them! Shop some of the pieces I am currently loving in this Wall Decor Guide! Mirrors: I…

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  • Kitchen Gadgets: Splurge vs. Save

    Cortney August 13, 2020

    You guys know I love all things pretty but when it comes to kitchen gadgets and small appliances, you can spend a fortune on the aesthetically pleasing options. Since we opted for higher end large appliances and finishes in the New House, I really wanted…

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  • Bible Verses While Moving

    Cortney July 20, 2020

    Remodeling our dream home has been a process and as we are wrapping up the final details and touches before moving in, I wanted to take a moment to thank God and give him all of the glory by writing Scriptures on the studs. If…

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  • Easy Moving Guide

    Cortney July 15, 2020

    As you guys know, we are creeping up on our closing date and will be moving into Our Dream Home soon! My Mom Moving mode is on another level as I packed up a house full of kids, pets and years of memories. It was…

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  • Fun and Unique Father’s Day Ideas

    Cortney June 19, 2020

    Father’s Day is quickly approaching and while we are still trying to practice social distancing, we also want to make sure we spend the day celebrating all dads the way that they deserve which is having fun and doing something new! Today I am rounding…

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  • Southern Glam Wallpaper Guide

    Cortney June 12, 2020

    I love how traditional wallpaper is but also how fun and unexpected it can be when used in a quirky corner or as a statement on a large wall. There are many spots in the new house I am planning on adding some fun patterns…

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  • Girl’s Bathroom Design and Plans

    Cortney June 4, 2020

    We have finally finalized The Girl’s Bathroom Design board and have started installing tile, floors and hardware which you might have caught a glimpse of last week on instagram. This space is functional for everyday but has so much character and fun packed into it…

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  • Southern Glam Exterior Paint- Building Our Dream Home

    Cortney May 13, 2020

    We’re in the final leg of the race and things are finally coming together. Visions that I’ve had for years are being brought to life every hour at the new house and I cannot wait to get moved in and start making it our home.…

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  • Our Summer Garden Plans and Inspo

    Cortney May 5, 2020

    I’ve been talking a lot about the inside plans for our New House but one thing I am actually so excited about is the outdoor space that surrounds it! While the inside is still deep into renovation, we have been working hard on sprucing up…

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