Summer Sunglasses

The Perfect Summer Accessories

CortneyJuly 23, 2020

As you guys know, I am always widening the types of items we have over at based on what you want more of! This year we knew we couldn’t go without adding the perfect summer sunglasses in every shape and size and today I am dishing on what styles I am wearing on repeat. BONUS: They’re all on sale!

Summer Sunglasses

(wearing The Sierra Sunglasses in Pic)

During summer when I am spending more time outside than ever, I cannot go without sunglasses to protect my eyes and avoid squinting because, wrinkles duh! So I was so excited when we began purchasing sunglasses for my boutique Jane & Kate and knew that I wanted to get a variety of fun styles to make sure everyone could find something they liked. While we have more traditional ones, I LOVE picking unique fun ones to add an extra layer of style to any outfit. Below are a list of the ones I am wearing on repeat lately:

The Sierra Sunglasses – Stylish and chic to instantly dress up any outfit.

The Miley Sunglasses – The perfect cat eye but with a unique corner design to stand out in a crowd.

The Julia Sunglasses – The perfect dark big frame to hide behind but the trendy style makes it look like I have my life together.

The Heidi Sunglasses – Polarized sunnies to protect your eyes against harmful rays. I love the blue color to compliment the pool and lake while I am in the water and splashing around.

Didn’t see any you love?! Make sure to check out the site where I am sure you will find the perfect pair for you! Want more J&K? See these 3 Styled Summer Outfits!




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    August 31, 2020 at 1:10 am

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    theories of Freud Jung

    Freud, Jung and Skinner style TheoriesSigmund Freud, l. farreneheit. Skinner, And Carl Jung each had different outlooks on how we develop individual psyche. according to B. p. Skinner we can explain differences in individual personalities without traits but based on each persons individual histories and experiences with punishment and reinforcement. Palladino 2007] Skinner who was strongly affected by Edward Thorndike and John B. Watson believed in behaviorism as a theory of charm.

    Skinner sought to concentrate on the stimuli that could control behavior. By using bad and the good reinforcement Skinner was able to condition his subjects under the basis that reinforcement makes it more likely that the target behavior will occur more often. Skinner explained more advanced behaviors with another form of operant conditioning called shaping.

    Shaping is done by withholding encouragement until the subjects behavior gets closer to the target response. Critics of behaviorism may find that it seems to say that we are all only inner voices sitting back while our behavior and environment control everything.

    However no one can dismiss the fact that for many our histories and past experiences have somehow influenced our present situations and attitudes, a few more than others.

    Sigmund Freud was a neurologist that developed a theory on character (Psychodynamic principles) That emphasized depths of the mind factors. the principle concepts of Freud’s theory are Psychic determinism, instincts, And levels of intelligence. Psychic determinism is the influence the past has on the actual.

    predatory instincts, The auto forces within us, Two of which Freud portrayed. Eros for life giving and pleasure producing things including sex, And thanatos for aggression and degeneration. The three levels of mindset were conscious, Referring to your thoughts and desires you’re currently aware of; Preconscious that happen to be thoughts and emotions waiting to be pulled into the conscious; And the spontaneous which consists of thoughts and feelings we are not even aware of having.

    Freud believed the unconscious was biggest because it drove many of our behaviors without our conscious knowledge.

    Freud believed there were three separate but speaking areas of the russian babes mind 2007].

    Id which is the primitive biological side of our personalities, in order to Freud’s theory it is selfish, Seeking only pleasure it has no need or concern can be a or society. The Id is perfectly unconscious and operates on the pleasure principal.

    The Ego which is the area that reins in the Id’s relentless demands for instant gratification. Freud believed it operated on the reality principal it handles the realistic planning for executing the Id’s wishes. The ego is able to tolerate delay and discouragement.

    The Superego is the moralistic and idealistic area which punishes manners that violate society’s rules with guilt or anxiety, And rewards behavior meeting idealistic beliefs. It aims for the purpose is correct and ideal. 2007]

    Freud proposed that individual personality develops through stages russian ladies from infancy to adulthood.

    The oral action from birth to 18 months

    The anal stage end of oral to 3 life

    Phallic (genital area) Stage end of anal to 6 several

    Latency stage end of phallic stage to start of puberty

    Genital stage adolescence to adulthood

    Freud called these phases psycho sexual phases. Many of Freud’s critics refused to believe that such infants could be sexual creatures. Some might even consider that his own private childhood may have played a part in Freud’s emphasis on sexuality. Freud grew up during the victorian times, A time when sex was not openly discussed you’ll be able he sought to bring sexuality out into the open.

    One Freud critic especially was Carl Jung, Who developed his own psycho dynamic position. since Freud, Jung believed in a generic life force, Without a strong focus on sexuality. Jung emphasized the future and the subconscious even more so than Freud. Suggested a collective unconscious which contained images shared by all people. He marked as these archetypes, Which are passed along genetically and cause us to respond to kinds of living conditions in different ways. Palladino 2007]

    the archetypes Jung proposed were the persona (Mask of true character), Anima and then animas (Feminine and masculine functions), darkness (Basic instincts or dark side of the a unique character), And home (Part that provides unity and stability among the different aspects of personality.

    Jung also proposed the very idea of introversion and extroversion; people who find themselves introverts are focused inward on themselves while extroverts are focused outwards in their environment. Palladino 2007].

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    September 7, 2020 at 4:11 am

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    u s of a’s Studies home

    card: Admission to the BA and Minor in is currently suspended. Please contact the College of Humanities and Fine Arts to learn the current status of this course.

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    Offers men and women, In appointment with an advisor, The opportunity to design an individual course of study which is clearly coordinated with their future plans. The major requires 24 units of core courses in American materials, a brief history, And societal study. The core courses are then 12 units, Chosen by the scholar, For completely study of themes, points, Or aspects of american culture.

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    have fun with playing Hard

    ESPN and Women Home the women of ESPN Reporting Women on a Males Sports Channel Sex Sells

    Suzy Kolber served as the part time reporter for ESPN Sunday Night Football from 2001 05. This fall could team with play by play commentator Mike Tirico, Analysts Joe Theismann and Tony Kornheiser and fellow reporter Michele Tafoya when the NFL trademark series, Monday Night basketball, strategies to ESPN. Widely praised by critics for boosting the NFL sideline reporter role to new heights, Kolber worked her first Super Bowl assignment during ABC Sports broadcast of Super Bowl XL in Detroit and brought to the network pre game show. She also became the first female recipient of the Maxwell Club Sports Broadcaster of the Year Award in 2006 and was named to Sports Business Daily 2004 list of the 10 favorite sports TV individuality of the past 10 years. Kolber has spanish women played a major role in ESPN inclusive coverage of theannual NFL Draft, Hosting the network Day 2 telecast in 2004 and 2005and leading analysis segments on Day 1. For the 1999 during 2003 NFL seasons,Kolber was the host of NFL game. She also previously contributed segmentsto Monday Night Countdown. your NFL off season, Kolber serves as an anchor on Sports Center and asan on site host for ESPN tennis coverage at in france they Open (because of the fact 2004)additionally Wimbledon (thinking about 2003). In 2000 and he or she hosted the X Games andWinter X Games, And she co hosted the big event again in Aspen in 2006. She has alsocovered Triple Crown horse racing events for ESPN/ESPN2 studio opportunities. Kolber returned to ESPN in August 1999 after actually joining the girls in spanish network in1993 as co host for ESPN2 Sports Night, inside network debuted October1 of that year. She later served as an anchor on sports Center, A press reporter onCollege GameDay and co host of the X Games in 1995 and Kolber alsohosted ESPN2’s Sports Figures, Which uses sports renowns and analogies toteach math and physics. She left ESPN for Fox Sports in nov 1996, Whereshe anchored a nightly sports news program and declared from NFL games, Amongother needs. Kolber came to ESPN from WPEC TV in delray, Fla, Where she was a weekendsports anchor and weekday feature media reporter since December 1991. appearing in 1991, Kolber’sfreelance duties included work as a reporter/producer for Breeders’ CupNewsfeed in Greenwich, Conn, A field make for Inside Edition in New York;A sports bargains producer for WCIX TV in Miami, And a producer/director forNFL motion pictures. at the hands of 1989 90, She freelanced as a sports deals producer for WPLG TVin Miami. in addition, She formed two magazine shows, Cowboys individual Editionin Irving, mississippi (1990 91) And Greyhound Racing the us in Miami, Fla. ET sportscast at WTVJ TV in arkansas,profiting a local Sports Emmy in 1988. Kolber graduated from the as well as college of Miami in 1986 with a bachelor of artsdegree in telecommunication. While an basic, She worked at important Cablein Coral Gables, Fla, As a sports representative (1984 86). After graduating, Sheworked at CBS Sports in New York as a videotape leaders (1986).

    Melissa Stark over and above reporting for America top rated morning news program, Stark also are involvedwith NBC Olympic coverage next summer in Athens, Greece nicely key NBC Sports events. in the past, Stark was the lead sideline reporter for ABC Sports Night Football, For many years, which included ABC coverage of Super Bowl XXXVII in San Diego. Stark also served as a media reporter for ABC Sports coverage of Figure Skating, The NFL Pro Bowl and movie star Golf events. on top of her sports reporting, Stark has appeared as a guest host on View with Meredith Vieira, starlet Jones and Joy Behar, And was the co host of ABC fun 2001 pilot presentation of Runner, A prime time reality based program developed by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, And that is caused by Michael Davies. based in 1997 to 2002, Stark reported for ESPN where she served as a regular contributor to Countdown and the Emmy Award winning show, The odds. Stark was also the site host for the NBA Playoffs and covered all national stories this consists of, mlb, NHL, Golf and NCAA basketball for the network. Stark joined ESPN in 1996 as the host of the weekly model Sports America, Where she traveled across the states covering high school and college sports focusing on human interest and issue related stories. by way of 1994 95, Stark was a processing assistant and reporter for Virginia Sports Marketing in Charlottesville, va for UVA Coach TV Show, Which aired in acquisitions markets in Virginia. Stark was a News intern in which Evening News with Dan Rather, In 1993 and 1994 where she wrote scripts and assembled background information on investigative pieces for Health correspondent, dr. william Arnot. She began her career at WMAR TV, Baltimore, Maryland in 1991 as a News intern performing on the assignment desk. Stark holds a Bachelors degree in Foreign Affairs and Spanish from the or even of Virginia, graduating Magna Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa. stark, Her husband and son reside in nj-new jersey.

    Lisa Dergen Raised in conviction hearing, FOX Sports Net sports reporter Lisa Dergan has learned a few things about competition. At earlier age of twelve, Lisa started traveling with her mother. Lisa took to the game immediately and became a fierce competitor. Her mother taught her to play by the laws and to leave mulligans for those of less character. Lisa’s compassion for the sport along with her interest in broadcast journalism has converged to make her one of the standout female sports reporters of today. Dergan, A FOX Sports Net media reporter since January 2002, Has reported live from such events as NBA Laker court games, unquestionably the Kentucky Derby, Major PGA tourneys, NHL All Star Game the actual Indy 500, as nicely numerous events. On september 7, 2002, Dergan will be hosting FOX Sports Net’s NFL legend Golf Shootout. that may recognize Dergan from her national TV commercials for Bud Light also starring Wayne Gretzky, and as the newly appointed spokes person for Otomix Fitness. Dergan is a mainstay on the celebrity Players Tour and is sponsored by Callaway Golf. Dergan started her broadcast journalist career in 2001 with future Hall of Fame Sportscaster Jim Hill on the 1 rated weekend TV sports show in l. a, “Sports key” concerned with KCBS. She was live every sunday with Jim Hill, Steve Hartman and Brett Lewis covering the entire NFL season. She has additionally Co Hosted with Ken Ober (2001 2002) On the united states Network game show “SMUSH, She is an ancient Playboy Playmate and Guess Girl. in 1995, Dergan graduated with a bachelor’s degree in art from San Diego State or even. Dergan was raised in San Diego and currently resides in houston.

    Jillian Barberie provides the latest weather forecasts for Fox 11 Morning News and the Emmy top Good Day LA, Seen monday to friday on KTTV FOX 11. Barberie joined Good Day LA in June 1995 after two years as weather anchor on the weeknight versions of the Emmy winning Fox 11 10 O’clock News. Barberie joined FOX 11 in november 1993. Since getting started with FOX 11, Barberie has provided live coverage of weather related disasters in mehserle sentencing, like the 1998 El Nino storms. She provided live reports from close to the Southland for Fox Overtime, Fox 11 post game show that followed the 1995 and 1996 NFL games. Barberie talent beyond the Good Day LA has earned her special appearances on various shows. She appeared on the nation’s show, Good Day located, furthermore fellow “GDLAers” gary Edwards and Dorothy Lucey. by having Pamela Anderson Lee. A role as a game show host in clueless. A news reporter in Beverly Hills 90210, And seemed as herself in the series finale of Melrose Place. located in June 2000, Barberie was a guest host on accept Regis and Kathie Lee. In sept 2000, She became a member of NFL on Fox with Terry Bradshaw, Howie Long and james Brown. Barberie become a member FOX 11 from WSVN, The Fox radio station in Miami, Fla, Where she had worked since February 1992 as the weeknight weathercaster on their 5,6 plus 10PM newscasts. During 1992’s dreadful Hurricane Andrew, She provided live reports on the disaster for 48 hours precise. reality there, Barberie also reported the weekly clips “7 Freestyle, About sports and home theater, and in addition “Express your own circumstances, having to do with topical issues. earlier than WSVN, Barberie worked for Canada’s Weather Network as their weeknight weathercaster from september 1990 to February 1992. during the time there, She also filed reports on green issues and concerns. Barberie graduated from Mohawk College of Applied Arts and knowledge in Hamilton, Ontario (nova scotia) With a broadcast blogging degree. certainly she mostly uses Guerrero, Her late single parent’s maiden name, She also is usually credited as Lisa Coles, Her father’s surname. Guerrero has been called the most popular sports reporter. Guerrero began her show business career in the 1980s as a cheerleader for the are usually Rams. lower, within 1990s, She got over her to star in Aaron Spelling’s Sunset Beach. at the same time, She doubled as a sportscaster on Los Angeles’ KCBS rail station. when it comes to 1999, She moved to the Fox Network, Where she took part in such shows as Fox Overtime, Fox Extra Innings and the Toughman rivals shows. She gone to Egypt to tape the special Opening the Tombs of the Golden Mummies. Guerrero also starred in the san diego chargers magazine style television show. She also co hosted one of the best Damn Sports Show Period, close to Tom Arnold and Michael Irvin, amongst others. over 2003, She decided to leave The Best Damn Sports Show Period to join ABC’s Monday Night Football television programs crew. Her entire performance on the broadcast was heavily criticized, And one year later ABC replaced her with Michele Tafoya. at 2004, Guerrero married major league baseball pitcher Scott Erickson. in late 2005, Guerrero regarded topless in the January 2006 issue of Playboy.

    Hannah Storm has been an anchor of the first Show, CBS News’ weekday morning broadcast, Since july 2002, with debuted in its current four anchor format. She has covered the war in Iraq extensively for this diet regime, And has sat down with major newsmakers, consisting of first lady Laura Bush, Sen. chris McCain, chris Heinz, And National secureness Adviser Condoleezza Rice. before getting to that, She was an anchor and news reporter for NBC Sports for 10 years. Storm hosted that network contacts of dozens of major sports events, the particular Olympics, the nation’s Basketball Association, mlb and Wimbledon. She has hosted dental coverage of four Olympic Summer Games: The night time programs from Barcelona and Atlanta, And the daytime and weekend training from Sydney and Salt Lake City. Storm was crowned first woman to serve as the solo anchor of a network major sports package when she hosted NBC coverage of the NBA (1997 2002) And major league baseball, with the inclusion of three World Series (1995, 1997 and so 1999). She also was the primary play by play announcer for the inaugural season of the Women National Basketball alliance (1997). opens. Storm received the American Women in radio and television Gracie Allen Award for her work as a reporter. She is also the only woman to have been nominated twice for an Emmy Award for Best Sports hdtv Host. Storm’s e book, Go chick, (Sourcebooks, 2002) A sports guide for folks, Is in its second produce. Before signing up for NBC Sports, She anchored Sports Tonight and weekend sports systems for the cable channel (1989 92). (1988 89); KTXH television set Houston; Home Sports recreation; KSRR radio in Houston, florida; KNCN radio in Corpus Christi, colorado front range and WNDU TV South Bend, Ind. (1982 88). Storm received the 2004 American Women In radio and tv Gracie Award for outstanding anchor for news for a body of work, in addition to “Hannah’s Portwine Birthmark, “fabulous Zoo Animals” not to mention “to control Anorexia, Born in Oak dog park, perilous, Storm graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 1983 with a degree in political science and advertising. She lives in the New York area ready husband, NBC football anchor Dan Hicks, And their three teenagers.

    Bonnie Bernstein is a 15 year old veretan and is among the most recognizable and highly respected journalists in her field. She has covered sports at the network level the past 11 years, recently as the lead sideline reporter for the NFL on CBS, And during this year NCAA Men Basketball championships, Completed a ground breaking run as the host of the “Sprint tournament situation Center, The first sports studio show created especially for wireless phones. This was Bernstein first endeavor since her journeying from CBS Sports in January 2005, A move she made to pursue other broadcast ventures and launch Velvet Hammer Media, A consulting firm for aspiring and working correspondents. During her eight year stint at CBS, Bernstein had a broad range of tasks. combined with her NFL sideline duties, She led features for “The NFL at this point, The networking weekly pre game show. Bernstein also served as CBS lead reporter for the Men NCAA Basketball titles; She hosted the Network Emmy nominated anthology series, “titles of the NCAA” weight reduction NCAA Women’s Gymnastics Championships; And anchored “SportsDesk” moreover “of the Half, CBS indiana based studio shows. Open Tennis championships rounded out Bernstein assignments at the Network. in the NFL season, Bernstein often taken out “Double task, allowing for a Sunday game for CBS and “Monday Night nfl” For CBS/Westwood radio stations. Since joining the radio announce team 2001, Bernstein has covered five straight away Super Bowls and in 2004, for Super Bowl XXXVIII, Made broadcast history as the first reporter to serve as both a network TV and network radio writer. She has also served as the air reporter for the Pro Bowl since 2003. Numerous national mags have documented Bernstein work, like the New York Times, USA right now, Sports shown and TV Guide. She has additionally been featured in lifestyle magazines such as Glamour, sub-conscious, Men health insurance and Celebrity Living. here in 2005, Bernstein was honored as one of Jewish Women international reach and international, international,global marketing “Ten Women to observe, An exclusive group selected from the, Canada and Israel for their consultant achievements. Bernstein joined CBS after three years with ESPN, Where she covered up the NBA Finals, mlb Playoffs and the NCAA Women’s Basketball Championships for “SportsCenter, As the chicago bureau chief, Bernstein followed michael jordan and the Chicago Bulls during their record setting championship run. She also served as a correspondent for “football Countdown” in addition to “high school GameDay, prior to a ESPN, Bernstein made local video history at the NBC affiliate in Reno, NV (KRNV tv set), evolving into the “Biggest Little City original female weekday sports anchor. She began her television shows career at WMDT TV (mastening numbers) in Salisbury, maryland, Anchoring wednesday news, And broke into transmitting in radio, As what is this great and sports director for WXJN FM in Lewes, delaware. Bernstein graduated magna cum laude from the University of Maryland renowned Merrill College of Journalism. She currently serves on the faculty Board of Directors. While at college Park, Bernstein was a four time Academic All America choice (Gymnastics) And bought the Thomas M. Fields Award for academic and athletic excellence. She presently resides in ny city.

    Jill Arrington currently serves as CBS Television Network lead sideline reporter for nfl and college football and reporter on NFL Today show. She began using CBS Sports in September 2000. Arrington returns in 2001 as sideline reporter of TNN coverage of the Arena Football League. She hosts the live halftime show for the AFL on TNN and sideline reports the AFL national weekly games. rrnside the 1999 season, Arrington served as host of Fox Sports inside of the Helmet, A weekly syndicated tv program about the NFL and music. Arrington also did sideline reporting for various Fox Sports coverage including NFL Sunday and women well-written tennis tournaments. sometimes in 1999, Arrington worked as afternoon and evening anchor of a daily Internet celebration business news show. between 1998 1999, Arrington worked as a reporter and segment producer for Paramount national weekly syndicated television program TV. For five quite a few years, She was the exercise correspondent and producer for Alton Entertainment Floor, A national and arena weekly syndicated television program featuring segments about fashion, pure beauty, Health and the wining and dining industry. Arrington also worked as a end production assistant at CNN in 1993. Arrington graduated with a degree in Broadcast Journalism and Political Science from the higher educatoin institutions of Miami in 1994 where she played on the varsity tennis team and was voted the Orange Bowl Princess. She was raised in Conyers, Ga. And at the present time resides in Beverly Hills, ca.

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    September 9, 2020 at 6:48 am

    elder freezing vegetables puppy finds each and every perplexed

    the very 18,000 year old shape of a about effortlessly stored puppyhas left over each and every worried.

    russian analysts realised body shape together with the canine close up Yakutsk, near east Siberia. safeguarded while permafrost, you see, the example of beauty nose, pelt and as well your teeth can be astonishingly still in effect.

    buying carbon going out with upon creature rib cuboid, industry professionals starting from Sweden middle for Palaeogenetics had the ability to confirm that the specimen are actually frozen for about 18,000 changing times, in addition extended genetic make-up laboratory tests have all ready have been incapable of show whether the animal was a dog and even hair.

    by natural means not hard to differentiate between the two, mark Stanton, A addict at the centre to obtain Palaeogenetics, advised fox news.

    Have dozens of data from it even now, and with that sum of data, you anticipate to tell if previously one or the other. how much we can could actually suggest that it in a citizenry that is ancestral to allow them to both plus dogs wolves, he explained.

    Stanton revealed to cnn that the the puppy is faraway from is very worthwhile time by way of hair and in addition dog advancement. have on specifically any time you are dogs had been tamed, it will appeared to be caused by that time. We want to jewel in fact a dog or a hair, or maybe the situation something almost between two, he said.

    new medical tests could very well bring in very much comprehension of incisively whilst dogs would be domesticated, Stanton shown.

    stylish dogs are believed to be to seem to be tamed far from baby wolves, nonetheless specifically just when was uncertain inside of 2017, a process of research authored rrnside the newspaper relation devices established associated with fresh dogs are actually domesticated out of a single world akin to wolves 20,000 that will 40,000 issue.

    compared, your own 2016 as well as college including Oxford analysis, produced within the diary science, endorsed that’s dogs were being being at home trained twice caused from dreary baby wolves in Paleolithic creation, Once with regard to eastern medicine and when europe.

    capability from the middle on behalf of Palaeogenetics claimed for bebo that genome researching previously revealed that the puppy was seen as individual. They declared, soon after conferring utilizing their euro dating a vietnamese girl co-worker, they could visit the puppy Dogor understanding in Yakutian.

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