Summer Sunglasses

The Perfect Summer Accessories

CortneyJuly 23, 2020

As you guys know, I am always widening the types of items we have over at based on what you want more of! This year we knew we couldn’t go without adding the perfect summer sunglasses in every shape and size and today I am dishing on what styles I am wearing on repeat. BONUS: They’re all on sale!

Summer Sunglasses

(wearing The Sierra Sunglasses in Pic)

During summer when I am spending more time outside than ever, I cannot go without sunglasses to protect my eyes and avoid squinting because, wrinkles duh! So I was so excited when we began purchasing sunglasses for my boutique Jane & Kate and knew that I wanted to get a variety of fun styles to make sure everyone could find something they liked. While we have more traditional ones, I LOVE picking unique fun ones to add an extra layer of style to any outfit. Below are a list of the ones I am wearing on repeat lately:

The Sierra Sunglasses – Stylish and chic to instantly dress up any outfit.

The Miley Sunglasses – The perfect cat eye but with a unique corner design to stand out in a crowd.

The Julia Sunglasses – The perfect dark big frame to hide behind but the trendy style makes it look like I have my life together.

The Heidi Sunglasses – Polarized sunnies to protect your eyes against harmful rays. I love the blue color to compliment the pool and lake while I am in the water and splashing around.

Didn’t see any you love?! Make sure to check out the site where I am sure you will find the perfect pair for you! Want more J&K? See these 3 Styled Summer Outfits!




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