Ultimate at Home Staycation with Kids: 5 Ideas to Try at Home

CortneyApril 15, 2020

If you’re getting bored of being trapped inside, don’t worry, you aren’t alone. Coming up with fun things for us to do is becoming a full time job! I’ve been trying to dig deep and think of new ideas, and what fun would it be if I didn’t share?! So, today I’m giving you 5 At Home Staycation with Kids Ideas to try!


It’s like Summer break came early this year, but with an unexpected challenge… you can’t leave the house! It’s like some new Mom challenge trying to think of new ideas every day. Some days we don’t do anything new and exciting, but some days we want some extra fun. That’s where these come in!

At Home Staycation with Kids – 5 Ideas to Try:

1. Camping – No need to venture out into the wilderness for this camping trip, the back yard will do just fine! Best part? You don’t have to travel far if you forget something. Make a picnic (don’t forget the s’mores), grab a tent or make your own, and get ready for a night of memories under the stars. Tell campfire stories, look for constellations – check out the Sky View Free app, you can also hang a white sheet & order a projector for a fun outdoor movie night.

2Glamping – Outdoors not your style? Bring the fun indoors for a night of glamping. Grab this blowup tent and set it up in the living room for a movie marathon! Make a big pot of chili and enjoy dinner on the floor. Whatever you can do camping, works for glamping, too! Plus, you have air conditioning so it’s a win-win.

3. A Spa Day – This fun staycation can double as little R&R for you mamas, too! Set up the ultimate spa day for a day of pampering, giggles and memories. Start by ordering the essentials (check out my Amazon Storefront for some fun options  – a few of our favorites are face masks, nail polish, pedicure sets and candles. You can also make some yummy spa water by adding your favorite fruits to a pretty pitcher of water. Once you have all your supplies, put on a relaxing movie or playlist, set up different stations and take turns pampering each other! It’s also fun to grab a Polaroid Camera to capture the memories.

4. A Trip Around the World – Always dreamt of going to Italy? Now’s the perfect opportunity! Yes, you can go to Italy without even leaving your own home. A little creative thinking is all you need. Start with a plan – dinner can be as hands on or hands off as you make it! Try making your own pasta or opt for a frozen lasagna, don’t forget dessert. After dinner plans are arranged, grab some decorations. Print off some Italian flags or order decor from Amazon (I’m linking some fun options in my storefront like these Italian Photo Props). Finish up the evening with a movie from the country, if you also pick Italy check out Pinocchio! You could encourage family members to dress up or learn some new words. This works with any country, so pick your wildest destination and have fun.

5. Beach Day – No pool? No problem! Make do with what you have! If you haven’t noticed, these staycations with kids are all about the preparations, supplies and creativity. You can make them as big or low key as you’d like. If you want to go all out for a beach day, here’s my ideas! Start by ordering a few key beach components: a kiddie pool, sandbox and sprinkler are a good mix to start with! Next, stock up on your favorite beach day snacks. On our menu? Popsicles, watermelon, and sandwiches. Grab your beach toys and hit the backyard. Just don’t forget the SPF!

What do you think of my staycation with kids ideas? They may seem like a lot, but I wanted to give all the details! Make it as big or little as you want, try one every weekend or aim for one a month. Do what fits your family and have fun! If you try any, share on social media and tag me so I can see!

Need more at home ideas? Check out our Amazon Favorites for kids!  

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