A Guide to Washing your Hair Less

CortneyAugust 28, 2020

In between wash days? Me too! Let’s talk about how to start washing your hair less, make your blow out last longer and what products are a must when you are trying to skip washing every single day.


I used to think to avoid having greasy hair, I had to wash my hair each day. By washing every single day I eventually learned that my scalp was over producing oil actually causing my roots to get greasy, faster. Now that I finally have my hair trained, I can go 3, 4 and sometimes 5 days in between washing (yep up to FIVE days), and today I wanted to let you in on my ways!

Start at the root- your hair can actually be trained to go longer without washes, did you know? Making sure you are taking care of your scalp is a top secret of the trade. L’ange’s new product, Detox Scalp Serum is one step that can make sure your scalp is taken care of and replenished from harsh chemicals and heat. I do my Detox about twice a month!

Star Applying Dry Shampoo on day ONE– I don’t know how there was ever was a world without dry shampoo. To make sure my hair is ready to go for a few days, I actually begin spraying my roots right after styling on a wash day. This goes ahead and gives my roots some product to absorb oil as soon as it starts. I also like the texture it adds to super clean hair which helps my hair hold curls better. (I also like to add some dry shampoo before bed which is when hair can get the greasiest).

Freshen up with Le Volume– this tool is perfect for blasting oil and giving you some volume back on days you are not washing. It extends your blow out and is a must before going back in to curl dirty hair.

After adding your curls back (see my every day curls HERE), make sure to set them by letting them cool before pulling curls apart and then finish by going over with Trois Chic Three Way Hair Spray on the lowest setting to avoid weighing your hair down which is sure to make your hair last a few more days!

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